Cockroaches are an extremely common pest worldwide, the US included. No matter what part of the country you’re living in, you must be familiar with a cockroach infestation and know how to recognize the signs. Although people think that roaches enter buildings and homes because they are dirty, they mostly seek water and food. Depending on the type, they will behave differently and will require a different extermination approach. Considering how many roach types cause numerous diseases, they represent a major health concern.

Types of Roaches

The state of Arizona is inhabited by many different cockroach types, but some of the most common include:

  • Brown-banded roaches – This type of cockroaches likes warm and dry places, and they usually inhabit the indoors, especially the higher places such as ceilings.
  • American roaches – These are very fond of wet and cool places, but they prefer the outdoors. They usually enter buildings and houses through foundations and drains.
  • German roaches – This species like to live indoors near warm and wet spots such as the bathroom or kitchen crevices and cracks. They really love electrical appliances and their warmth, so these may be the cause of their appearance in your home.
  • Oriental roaches – Oriental roaches like cool and wet places, so they usually inhabit basement pipes and drains.

Many who are faced with a roach infestation are concerned for their health. Since cockroaches are one of the dirtiest pests there are, they commonly transmit bacteria and cause different diseases. Additionally, their skins and excrement contain numerous allergens that can provoke allergies and allergic reactions. Don’t wait long to contact local pest control for roaches and seek medical help if necessary.

How to Exterminate Roaches?

Roaches are one of the most persistent pests, so their extermination requires professional care and treatment as well as time and patience. At My Bug Guy Pest Solutions, we specialize in identifying the type of roach and applying the appropriate exterminating treatment. Our employees are devoted to doing an exceptional job while making sure your property is safely and effectively cleared from cockroaches.

Opting for professional cockroach pest services will help minimize the risk of further infestation. Once we inspect your property, we will provide you with answers regarding the approach and time needed to successfully manage the problem. Contact us today for a free consultation and make sure you never have a cockroach problem.


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