Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Most people will, at some point, have a close encounter with bed bugs, no matter how much they try to avoid it. While some people tend to overreact and sometimes even panic when they realize there is a bed bug infestation going on in their bedroom, others usually tend to ignore it. In order to deal with bed bugs properly, you first have to know what they are, how they find their way into your bed, and whether they pose a danger to your health.

In this article, you will find concrete answers to most of your questions alongside some tips and tricks as to how to prevent rather than deal with it. So, let’s find out!

Are Bed Bugs Harmful?

While they are incredibly annoying to deal with, bed bugs aren’t considered particularly dangerous to humans. They are parasites that rely on blood to survive, and contrary to popular misconceptions, they can feed on the blood of any mammal, but they appear to prefer human blood.

Do Bed Bugs Carry Diseases?

Fortunately, no. Or, at least, there is no solid evidence that bed bugs carry or transmit dangerous diseases. However, that doesn’t make them completely harmless, especially if you’re dealing with a particularly severe contagion.

For example, a bite from a bed bug will often cause unbearable itching, rashes, and welts. While these symptoms aren’t particularly dangerous intrinsically, they can become dangerous at some point since scratching is inevitable, and constant scratching can lead to nasty infections and skin damage.

If you happen to find bites on your skin, try to avoid scratching. It is quite hard to resist the urge, but it’s one of the only ways for you to eliminate the risk of infection and skin damage. So, are bed bug bites dangerous? While they aren’t life-threatening or anything like that, they can certainly affect your quality of life.

Why Are Bed Bugs Bad?

Even though they aren’t particularly dangerous in terms of disease transmission, they are an incredible nuisance to deal with and eradicate. Bed bugs can also cause somewhat serious issues like lack of sleep, and as mentioned, nasty infections caused by excessive scratching. While lack of sleep doesn’t seem too dangerous at first glance, it does come with some risks. For example, driving while sleep deprived is considered life-threatening, and you wouldn’t want to jeopardize your life as well as the life of other participants in traffic.

Furthermore, bed bugs aren’t really beneficial for anything, and their whole existence revolves around sucking the blood of their host.

Are Bed Bugs Deadly?

The answer is – no, not really.

How to Prevent

There are a couple of things you can do in order to lower the risk of this plague.

For example, you should always thoroughly inspect anything and everything that comes into your home for the first time. This usually applies to new clothes, mattresses, furniture, appliances, and sometimes even stuffed animals.

The other thing you should do is wash your travel clothes thoroughly after each trip. Suitcases are also a common vector for contagion, so make sure to keep them away from your bedroom and avoid putting them on the bed.

Ultimately, hire a team of professionals and let them take care of the problem the way it should be taken care of. Dealing with it, though seemingly straightforward, is much more complex than meets the eye. Depending on the size of the colony, it can sometimes take a while to get rid of these pesky pests. So, rather than wasting your valuable time and investing a ton of effort in vain, consider hiring a team of experienced professionals who know exactly what it takes to get rid of bed bugs.

If you’re looking for a reputable company with years of experience in this field, don’t hesitate to call us and we will be more than happy to lend you a hand. We are familiar with the common problems related to bed bug infestation, and we will thoroughly inspect your property to make sure it’s adequately cleaned and free of bed bugs.

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