Why and How Do Mice Get in Your House

Why and How Do Mice Get in Your House?

Mice are known to be quite an annoyance to deal with, mostly because they can slip and crawl through almost anything as long as it’s cracked. On top of that, mice have incredible reproductive capabilities, meaning they reach sexual maturity at 4-8 weeks of age and start having their own litter. Once they are mature and capable of giving birth, their numbers grow exponentially in the upcoming weeks, and more often than not, it leads to a serious infestation that’s extremely hard to control and subdue. 

In order to prevent or control an infestation, you first have to figure out why do mice come in the house. Once you get that sorted, you ought to figure out how do mice get in your house, identify the points of interest, and hopefully seal the cracks in order to solve the issue. 

How Does a Mouse Get in the House? 

In essence, rodents get into a house by crawling through cracks and holes. Since this is a pretty broad spectrum of entrance points, we’re going to break it down to a few that are known to be the most vulnerable points in your house. 

  • Cracks in the Foundation

The foundation is usually the most commonly used entry point by rodents since there’s a good chance it has a couple of cracks. Stacked stone foundations are particularly vulnerable since they’re susceptible to gaps and easy to crawl through. The only solution to this particular problem is to fill the gaps with silicone caulk and seal them tightly. 

  • Gutters and Roof Cracks 

Mice are excellent climbers and thus able to climb up downspouts, find a crack in your roof and enter your home. This is probably the second most common way mice find a way into your attic, which is why it’s important to prevent it from happening. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to install chicken wire or hardware cloth around the opening at the base of the downspout. 

  • Chimneys

As mentioned, rodents are great climbers, and they can easily scale the chimney to get into your home. Similarly to the above-mentioned problem, this particular one has a similar solution – put a sheet metal plate around the base of the chimney so that it’s too slippery for rodents to climb up. 

Why Do Mice Get in Your House? 

Why Do Mice Get in Your House 

There can be a plethora of reasons as to why mice get into your home, but the following factors are usually the main reason:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Warmth (especially during winter months)

In order to prevent them from breaching into your house, it’s usually better to think about why they would want to come in rather than how do mice get in. On the other hand, both of these concerns are equally important. 

How to Deal with Mice? 

There are basically two ways you can deal with an infestation – either by taking care of it on your own or by hiring our rodent control Phoenix crew. You can set up a couple of traps around your home in order to catch a few mice, but that usually doesn’t solve the issue in the long run since there are probably dozens if not hundreds of them lurking around. So, killing a few of them won’t be as effective as hiring a crew of professionals and letting them deal with the issue. 

If you have a problem with rodents and pests in general, give us a call, and we’ll gladly help! 

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