Top 4 Facts About Mouse Glue Traps

Top 4 Facts About Mouse Glue Traps

An infestation of mice can be quite an annoying thing to deal with, especially if you don’t have the necessary means to fight against it. Many people resort to using poisons, traps, and even DIY contraptions that are often effective but incredibly inhumane. 

If you decide to use a glue trap, make sure you know how to kill a mouse on a glue trap. If you leave it there to die on its own, it’s going to suffer and ultimately die a horrible death. Now, while you ought to kill these pests in order to get rid of them, there is no need to put them through inhumane methods. 

Facts About Glue Traps

In order to give you a better insight into the dos and don’ts of killing mice, here are a couple of facts about glue traps: 

  • How long does it take for a mouse to die on a glue trap?

Depending on how they end up dying, it can take anywhere from 3 to 24 hours. Once the mouse is stuck to the strip, it will die when one of the following happens:

    • Starvation
    • Suffocation
    • Panic-induced heart attack
    • Death by trying to break free

As you can assume, none of the causes of death mentioned above are particularly pleasant, so it’s pretty important to do everything you can to prevent these scenarios. In essence, it’s not about how long does it take a mouse to die on a glue trap; it’s more about the way they die.

  • Do sticky mouse traps have poison?

Many people think that glue traps are poisonous, but they are not. When broken down to basics, these traps are just very strong adhesives capable of holding the mouse in place until it dies, or preferably, gets killed. 

Do sticky mouse traps have poison

  • How to kill a trapped mouse? 

If you aren’t keen on killing mice, our Arizona rodent control crew will gladly lend you a hand. Here are a couple of methods you can use: 

Whacking includes putting a mouse in a ziplock or similar type of plastic bag and hitting it with a shoe, heavy magazine, or anything that would guarantee instant death. It may seem somewhat cruel, but it’s quick and relatively painless. 

Stomping is a similar technique to whacking but without the extra steps. As the name suggests, it includes pounding a mouse with your foot while wearing heavy boots. It’s a messy method and not many people like doing it. 

CO2 chambers are probably the most humane way of killing a mouse, but it requires you to buy or build a CO2 chamber. There are plenty of DIY projects out there that are easy and affordable to build, so this particular method might just be the best one as far as avoiding cruelty goes. 

  • Are other types of traps better than sticky traps? 

There are a couple of alternatives to sticky traps, like, for example, snap traps. They work on a pretty simple principle that involves a mechanism that breaks the rodent’s neck instantly. While they pose a slightly bigger threat to pets and small animals that wander around, they are arguably more humane than sticky traps. 

If you’re fighting against an infestation and don’t know how to proceed, don’t hesitate to call us and we will gladly inspect your property. For more information about pests, rodents, and ways of dealing with them, read our other articles! 

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