How to Remove Weeds From Your Yard

Most people who have a grassy yard can’t wait to sit down, relax, and sink their feet into green and soft grass after an exhausting day at the office. However, even though the general lawn maintenance seems pretty straightforward and includes nothing more but a quality lawnmower and some time. Once you spot some weeds like ivy or dandelions, the situation becomes orders of magnitude more serious and challenging.

A lawn full of weeds is a lawn full of problems. The vast majority of people won’t take proper action against weeds but will rather just cut them and be done with it. Unfortunately, weeds are known for their ability to spread at an incredible pace, and before you know it – you’ll be faced with a borderline unsolvable problem. Holdover seeds have been the culprit at times. holdover seeds wait for the rain, and it’s because of the traditional cycle of weather patterns shift. The cycles of the weeds will change until they pick up on the new weather pattern.

If you’re struggling to eradicate weeds from your yard and figuring out what kills grass and weeds permanently, take a moment to check out some of our methods. Here are some tips and tricks that we will cover in this article. As long as you follow our guidelines for weed treatment, you should end up winning the battle against these pesky nuisances.

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Weeds Permanently

There are more than a couple of ways to get rid of weeds, but for the sake of convenience and effectiveness, we will be looking into the most popular as well as the most effective ways of dealing with weeds.

  • Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Herbicides

When it comes to killing weeds effectively, most people will rely on commercially available herbicides as they are the easiest and fastest-acting solution for this issue. Both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides are relatively similar, with one notable difference – one is applied before sprouting. While the other is foreseen to be used on already the existing weeds. If you’re looking for solutions on how to get rid of weeds without killing grass, herbicides are the answer. Since they are designed to fight against a particular type of weed rather than killing everything they come in contact with.

If you’re looking to use pre-emergent herbicides, it’s essential to point out the importance of good timing. If the weeds have already sprouted and are visible, pre-emergent herbicides won’t have too much effect.

  • Using Old Newspaper Sheets

This is one of the most frequently used natural methods that involve regular household items and requires little to no investments. All you need is a few sheets of old newspapers, mulch, and a couple of hours of free time.

The idea behind this particular method is to block sunlight and prevent oxygen from reaching the soil. What you do is cover the desired area with at least a few layers of sheets (preferably no fewer than ten), pour water over the area to hold everything down, and cover the whole thing with two inches of mulch. If the weed continues growing through the mulch and begins penetrating the sheets, the best thing to do is to just add more mulch and newspaper sheets.

Bear in mind; this method is foreseen to kill weeds that have already sprouted rather than prevent them from sprouting.

  • Regular Maintenance

While this may not be the best method of elimination, it’s still crucial to point out the importance of regular maintenance. Even if you get rid of weeds, there is always a chance that they will reappear, especially the more resistant ones like ivy.

Therefore, it’s important to keep your lawn regularly mowed and deprive it of weeds are ideal conditions for growth such as water-deprived soil and low-mowed grass.

Don’t Hesitate to Involve the Professionals

In most cases, you can DIY your way out of weed infestation, but there are times when it’s simply not feasible, whether it’s because of the size of your lawn, degree of the infestation, or lack of appropriate tools and equipment.

If you find yourself in this particular scenario, take a look at our weed removal services, and don’t hesitate to fill out our form and contact us. Our team of highly-trained professionals will be more than happy to help you maintain a weed-free zone in your yard.

Give Your Lawn the Treatment it Deserves

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how you treat your own lawn. If you neglect it and ignore the warning signs, the most probable outcome is a weed-infested lawn that’s not only hard to treat but is also a nuisance to look at. However, if you treat your lawn the way it is supposed to be treated, you can expect reciprocity, and rest assured that well-maintained lawns are well-worth the effort and time.

If you would like to know more about weeds, bugs, critters, and ways of dealing with them, check out our other articles available now!

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