What Are the Most Common Spiders Native to Arizona?

Due to its favorable climate, Arizona is an excellent habitat for spiders, which is why it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a vicious arachnid in your backyard or inside your home. Now, while these sudden encounters don’t always have to be dangerous and life-threatening, some spiders in Arizona have a pretty nasty bite.

The vast majority of these arthropods won’t bite you if they don’t feel threatened and cornered. Therefore, the first thing you should keep in mind when thinking about potentially dangerous scenarios is to refrain from panicking and just move out of harm’s way.

To prepare you better for these potential encounters, we have made a list of the most common arachnid species native to Arizona, nature of their behavior, and most importantly – the potential dangers of being bitten by one of these eight-legged creatures.

Fun fact: All spiders start with eight legs, but it’s not unusual to stumble upon ones that have seven or fewer.

Spiders of Arizona – Common Species that Rule the Desert

Before we focus on the characteristics and danger factors tied to various species, it is crucial to point out that residents and owners of properties should always call the professionals to deal with an infestation. While it is entirely within the realm of possibilities for you to handle an infestation by yourself, we strongly advise against it.

This type does not spin webs, but instead, they actively hunt their prey. The Carolina Wolf species can grow up to two inches in size, making them the largest wolf species in North America. They are not aggressive by nature but will bite if provoked and cornered. The bite is non-lethal but may cause swelling and pain.

These crawling nuisances are easily identifiable thanks to the distinctive patterns on their back as well as the mottled brown color.

  • Grass Spiders

This species is rarely found indoors, and they usually build webs in shrubs or close to the ground. They have a narrow abdomen, thin legs, and are generally brown. While not of aggressive nature, they can bite if cornered. Even though their venom causes rapid paralysis to insects, their bite is not dangerous to humans.

You can identify grass Arizona spiders by the characteristic assortment of their eyes. They are arranged into three rows, with the top row having two, middle row four, and the bottom row two eyes.

  • Black Widow

The most feared of them all, the antagonist of many horror stories, the one and only – Black Widow. Black widows are rather small creatures, but their bite can cause serious issues, sometimes with a lethal outcome. They usually hide in well-protected places, under piles of rock, wood, and debris in general. Indoors, they are found typically in seldom-used parts of basements and garages.

Black widows have a characteristic red hour-glass shaped figure on their bodies.

In case you ever get bitten by a black widow, seek medical assistance immediately. There is an anti-venom serum available, but you must react promptly.

  • Common House Az. Spiders

As the name suggests, these eight-legged critters often infest homes rather than building webs outside. They can be identified by their brown color and thin brown legs, although many people confuse them with the brown recluse species.

However, unlike brown recluse, common house spiders are not aggressive, and their bite is harmless.

Have you ever been bitten by one of these annoying critters? What was your experience like? Leave us a comment, and let us know! If you have a question or want to know more about pests, infestations, and ways to deal with them, read our other articles! In case you need services for pest control spiders in Arizona, call us, and we will be more than happy to lend a hand.

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