Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Really Work?

There are millions of pest repelling devices being sold online, some of which utilize ultrasonic, high-frequency sounds to (allegedly) fend off mice, bugs, and other pests. Anyone who has searched for a pest repelling solution online has stumbled upon countless of these devices, some of which are quite affordable and virtually hassle-free. However, do ultrasonic pest repellers work? Is it a good idea to invest in one of these devices and hope it makes the pest problem go away? Take a moment to check out some of the points we’ve covered in this article. Once you finish reading, you should have a much better idea of how these things work and whether they are useful.

Theoretical Claims Behind High-Frequency Pest Repellers

Before we break down the subject into more comprehensive pieces, it would be a good idea to see the claims made by manufacturers of ultrasonic pest repellers in regards to the functionality and effectiveness of their products. Fortunately, the concept is pretty simple to grasp – in theory, ultrasonic pest repellers emit sounds at frequencies that cannot be detected by humans but are supposedly very annoying to rodents, bugs, and pests in general. While this concept seems pretty reliable and foolproof in theory, it’s not the same in practice.

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Really Work?

Even though there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different models on the market it’s relatively safe to say that commercially available ultrasonic pest repellers are not actually able to solve your pest issues. With that being said, some ultrasonic devices tend to have a short-term impact on some pests. Though the vast majority of them aren’t effective enough to completely eliminate one’s problems with pests. Most pests, including mice and roaches, will eventually get used to the sound and won’t find it annoying or repelling. The unfortunate thing is that they usually get used to it within a week or so. Therefore, there are really very few reasons as to why you should think about using ultrasonic pest repellers. On top of that, the FTC has been warning consumers for years to avoid using these devices since there is no firm scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of high-frequency pest repellents.

The Final Answer Regarding the Effectiveness of Pest Repellers

Now that we’ve covered the underlying “science” behind these devices, it’s time to draw a conclusion and find an answer to the underlying question – do ultrasonic pest repellers work on mice? The short answer is – no, they don’t. While you could see positive results in the first couple of days of using an ultrasonic device, you can’t expect to see any long-term effects. As mentioned, pests usually get used to the particular frequency your device is emitting and continue to roam freely. Since roaches are quite different than mice in both size and resilience, many people wonder – do ultrasonic pest repellers work on roaches? Unfortunately, the answer is similar to the one regarding mice. In essence, the device will yield good results in the first couple of days, but it’s far from being a long-term solution.

How Can I Solve My Pest Problem?

There is more than one way of dealing with pesky rodents in Phoenix. Still, we would strongly suggest you hire a team of professionals and let them handle the issue. In fact, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to lend you a hand. If you’d like to know more about pests and how to deal with them – read our other articles!

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