Rodent infestations have become a very common sight in Arizona and particularly the Phoenix area in the last few years. Since rat colonies grow very quickly and are hard to exterminate in home conditions, you should seek a local pest control company to deal with this problem professionally. In addition to being a major health concern issue, rats are known to cause severe damage to all types of properties as well. My Bug Guy Pest Control can come with a successful strategy that will identify the type of rat, deal with your rodent problem, and clear your property off as soon as possible.

Common Rat Types

To be able to successfully manage a rat infestation, you and your pest control company should know what type of rat you’re dealing with. There are two common types that usually appear on the territory of Arizona and those are roof and pack rats:

  • Roof rats: As suggested by their name, roof rats prefer high places such as trees, shrubs, or ivy vegetation. They are known to be excellent climbers, so they will go up any tree, cable, or wire. In buildings, they usually reside in attics, cabinets, and ceilings. Their agility allows them to go through very small openings in search of food. Some of the signs that you have a roof rat infestation include scratching sounds, feet sounds, and chewing sounds, especially during the night.
  • Pack rats: Pack rats have also become a common problem and they usually appear in properties found near the desert areas. Pack rats can cause great damage to your property, so they should be dealt with adequately and promptly. The signs of a pack rat infestation involve rat droppings, nesting materials close to dense backyard vegetation, and chewed up items around the property, usually wires and weather strips.

Regardless of the type of rats you might be dealing with on your property, contacting your local pest control service is the safest and quickest way to exterminating these nasty pests and ensure the safety of your family and property.

How to Exterminate Rats?

Exterminating rats from your property will be successful only if you identify the type of rats and the size of the infestation. At My Bug Guy Pest Solutions, our team of exterminating experts is trained to detect the type of the rodent and make sure to apply proper treatment for its extermination. All our products are safe for you, your family, and the environment so you won’t have to worry about health and safety issues. Contact us today for a free inspection!


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