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Dealing with pests doesn’t have to be a nuisance if you know who to contact or what steps to take. Many pests cause major health and safety concerns, not to mention property damage levels. Because of these and other relevant reasons, it’s paramount that you invest in an appropriate pest control company and service that will protect your property from further pest damage.

Our Mesa Pest Control Programs

My Bug Guy Pest Solutions is a family-owned business that has been providing pest control services for over 15 years in the state of Arizona. We have experience in treating both residential and commercial properties for the most common pests in this area. Being familiar with all the health and safety concerns our customers might have, we consider our pest control approach one of a kind and suitable to meet every client’s needs. Our Mesa Pest Control Programs cover the following fields of pest control:

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we are dedicated to doing an excellent job of pest control and solving infestation issues. Our goal is a pest-free world!An infestation of termites can be quite a challenge to deal with. Our experts will gladly lend you a hand and make your home termite-free.

We use professional and adequate tools to clean your yard of invasive weeds. Put an end to your weed problem by scheduling an inspection.

Since we are a company that has experience in extensive and thorough exterminating services, we offer some of the specialty pest services that include:

Put an end to itchy mornings by getting rid of pesky bed bugs. An infestation of bed bugs is extremely annoying, so call us and we will make sure it gets solved promptly.Rodents aren’t only an annoyance but also carriers of serious diseases. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to keep their numbers under control by hiring our team of experts.We offer top-notch extermination services to keep our clients safe from scorpions and other potentially dangerous pests. Call us and schedule an inspection.Mosquitos are a nuisance to deal with, especially during the summer. We are devoted to providing our clients with a safe, mosquito-free backyard! Put an end to annoying mosquito bites.If you think you might be having an infestation problem with pigeons, don’t wait for it to escalate. Call us today, and we will be more than happy to intervene and solve the issue.As extremely common pests, cockroaches pose a serious threat to any household in Arizona. In order to prevent the worst-case scenario, call us and schedule an inspection.Put an end to an infestation of bees by calling us and hiring our team of talented experts. Our goal is to keep you protected from potentially dangerous bee attacks by removing the threats safely.Ants live in massive colonies and can potentially cause serious issues if left to roam and reign freely. Our pest control services are your safest bet to finding a quick and safe solution.While there aren’t many dangerous species of spiders in Arizona, some of them can cause serious issues. Prevent an infestation by hiring our team of experts today.We have ample experience in providing earwig pest control services in Arizona. If you’re having issues with an infestation of earwigs, call us and schedule an inspection.Crickets can quickly turn into food for other, larger pests, so it’s essential to control their numbers as much as possible. We are here to help you.

Our main goal is to ensure all our customers’ needs are met and their properties safe and free from different pests. Knowing how much money people lose due to inadequate pest control service, we devote ourselves to performing high-quality pest treatments and ensuring each property is secured and pest-free. Feel free to contact us today for more information. My Bug Guy Pest Solutions team in Mesa is at your disposal for all questions!


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