Having to deal with pests can be a really annoying task, especially if you live in warm and dry places such as Peoria, Arizona. You can find pests anywhere and at any point during the year, but the key is to know how to act and who to call to take care of this issue for you. Do it yourself pest control cannot always work due to the type of the pest and the size of the infestation. Keeping this under control and managing to eradicate the pest problem on your property has to be taken over by a professional pest control company such as My Bug Guy Pest Solutions.

Our Peoria Pest Control Programs

My Bug Guy Pest Solutions is a family-owned company that has been providing high-quality pest control service for 15 years. Our team consists of experienced and trained exterminating technicians who are familiar with different types of pests that commonly appear in this area. With years of experience under our belt, we’ve learned to adapt and improve our pest control methods and treatments so that they are carried out successfully. Also, we are decided to use only safe and natural products since a great majority of our customers are families with small children and pets. Some of the programs we can offer in Peoria include:

If you had or are still having problems with some of these pests, feel free to contact us. We can inspect your property and establish the type of pest as well as the size of the infestation before we opt for an adequate course of action. My Bug Guy Pest Solutions team in Peoria is at your disposal at all times!


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