Another common Arizona pests are earwigs, also known as the “pincher bugs”. It is believed that earwigs enter people’s ears and eat through their brains, but we can assure you this is just a silly myth. These bugs, however, prefer wet and dark places such as pipes, grass, or other similar ones in your home. There are around 2,000 earwig species known, and they normally grow up to 2 inches. Exterminating experts at My Bug Guy Pest Solutions have ample experience in providing earwig pest control services on the territory of Arizona

How to Prevent an Earwig Infestation?

If you suspect you might have problems with earwig infestation in your home, you can take a few steps to prevent this from happening. Some of the things to pay attention to include the following:

  • Remove all possible hiding places because no treatment will be successful if earwigs still have a place to hide afterward
  • Make sure not to water your garden too much since earwigs are always on the lookout for water
  • Looking for food, earwigs will find their way so try to make food unavailable and hidden
  • Keep your property free from debris at all times if possible
  • In cases you have any leaking or broken pipes and faucets, make sure to take care of those as they can be a great earwig infestation site

By following some of the above-mentioned steps you can minimize the risk of earwig infestation and ensure they don’t come back after an exterminating treatment.

How to Exterminate Earwigs?

Considering how earwigs love wet soil and vegetation waste, you have to make this completely unavailable to them. To be able to completely exterminate earwigs, you should contact local earwig pest control services such as My Bug Guy Pest Solutions. Our team of experts is prepared for all exterminating scenarios and will provide you with immediate and professional service.

Upon inspecting your property to determine the existence of an earwig infestation, we will apply the necessary measurements to start clearing the place from this pest. All of our products are safe for the environment, your health, and your pets’ health, so you won’t have to be concerned about major health issues. Since earwig infestation can be quite big, you should immediately find earwig pest control nearby and ensure your property is earwig-free. Contact us today and let us do the dirty work for you!


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