In addition to the most common pests that appear on the territory of Arizona, pigeons are only another species that is making homeowners’ lives impossible. Just like other pests that come in colonies and packs, pigeons don’t come alone. Besides being extremely annoying, their proximity to humans poses a great health threat and should be dealt with carefully. Since they have adapted to our way of life, they are capable of living off your food and water for a long time. Contacting a professional pigeon control service is your safest bet in exterminating them.

Protect Your Health and Property

The reason why pigeons represent a major issue is that they can easily transmit various diseases to humans. If you at any point have contact with their feces or they manage to contaminate your food and water, you should immediately seek medical help. Opting for professional exterminating services will help maintain your property pigeon-free and minimize the risk of catching any serious disease.

Besides being a health issue, pigeons can cause severe damage to your property. Their feces are known to cause damage to cars and roofs, which is why you should make sure to prevent a pigeon infestation on your property at all costs.

Best Pigeon Control Services

If you think you might have a pigeon infestation on your property, don’t wait long before you contact a pigeon control service. My Bug Guy Pest Solutions has experience in detecting and taking care of a pigeon infestation. Our main task is to ensure your health and the health of other residents is not in jeopardy. Our approach to pigeon exterminating treatment is completely safe for you and the pigeons as well. Some of the things we can do include the following:

  • Making your property unattractive and inaccessible to pigeons and other birds
  • Trapping them safely to ensure they don’t represent a threat to you, your family members, and pets
  • Sealing any entry points to block access to pigeons and other birds
  • Disinfecting the property once the problem has been eradicated

For further information, feel free to contact My Bug Guy Pest Solutions. We can provide you with additional information and come up with a unique pigeon removal plan to successfully eradicate your problem with pigeons. We will make sure to meet your needs as soon as possible.



Weed Removal

Do you feel like your lawn needs some professional trimming and grooming? Our team of experts is here to do that all for you. At My Bug Guy Pest Solutions, we specialize in weeds removal, maintenance, and prevention. Get in touch with us today and you won’t have to worry about dealing with weeds anymore.

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