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Professional pest control is a great option for anyone who has recurring problems with insects, termites, and weeds. However, many pest control companies use unsafe and toxic products that can harm both human health and the environment. If you are a parent or have a pet, you should pay close attention to what products can and should be used in your home to minimize the risk of jeopardizing the health of your children and pets. With My Bug Guy Pest Solutions, you can be sure that the safety and health of your children and pets will be our top priority. 


If you have a serious pest problem, feel free to contact our team of experts at My Bug Guy Pest Solutions. We always use safe and natural products to deal with the following pests: 



The center of our attention is doing an exceptional job and ensuring customer satisfaction without posing a threat to your health and without harming anyone. We can give you more detailed information if you decide to opt for our pest control services. Don’t hesitate to call us at our San Tan Valley office at any time and let us take good care of your home!

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