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Many homeowners invest a lot of time, energy, and money into creating a beautiful and functional living space, so it’s only normal that they want to protect their home from all sorts of damage and threats. With insurance covering only some weather caused problems, homeowners have to think of the best way to secure their home and garden and avoid a pest infestation. 


When it comes to specific climate conditions that attract numerous bugs, termites, and birds. Scottsdale residents must have a great pest control and maintenance plan all year long. With My Bug Guy Pest Solutions, you can be sure to have all possible pest problems under control. Some of the most common pests we have dealt with so far include the following: 



There is nothing we cannot do, so don’t hesitate to contact My Bug Guy Pest Solutions in Scottsdale today! Our team of exterminating experts is at your disposal for all types of pest control treatments and will we will make sure to meet your needs as soon as possible!

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