Although there are over 10,000 ant species worldwide, as many as 25 infest residential properties, with Arizona being famous for numerous species of ants as well. Ants are primarily social beings which means they live in colonies that number up to a few million members. Their main target is food, and they will build their way to it regardless of their obstacles. They mostly go for sweet foods, but hey target pet food as well. Some of the most common ant species that inhabit Arizona include big-headed ants, rover ants, crazy ants, and pavement ants. My Bug Guy Pest Solutions can help you with any type of ant infestation and make sure your home is protected and ant-free.

How to Exterminate Ants?

Getting rid of this annoying pest has a lot to do with how and where you store your food. The first step in doing that is to remove the food source and block their way to it by following the trails they left behind. After that try to clean and wipe all the surfaces that have been exposed and infested with ants to remove dirt and bacteria.

Your safest bet in exterminating an ant colony is to hire a professional exterminating service that will provide your home with proper treatment and care. At My Bug Guy Pest Solutions, we are committed to removing pests from your property without jeopardizing your health.

Professional Ant Pest Control

By opting for professionals to remove ants from your property, you can be sure that the problem will be solved timely and effectively. My Bug Guy Pest Solutions specializes in keeping all sorts of pests out of your home, ants included. Our approach to ant extermination is based on using baits and non-repellents that will spread to the colony and go directly to their queen, thus destroying the root of the problem.

Once we thoroughly inspect the property for ant infestation, we decide on the best way to approach the issue. Depending on the level of infestation, the whole extermination process may last up to two weeks, so don’t worry if you still see some ants on the property. We can assure you that the complete removal will be successful after a few pest control treatments. We guarantee that our approach is completely safe and efficient, but we advise that you take some preventive steps on your own:

  • Take good care of the vegetation in your backyard, making sure everything is nicely trimmed and groomed.
  • Try to seal all crevices and cracks to block the possible ways into the house.
  • Opt for installing vents that will prevent ants from entering your home at alternative sources.


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